Monday, 4 March 2013

Pre-Op is done, 8 days and counting...

Yesterday was pre-op day, this was just a quick check by a surgeon to make sure I am fit for the operation and that my blood tests and so on are ok. I passed with flying colours and have my official invitation. At 9.00 in the morning on Monday there is a bed with my name on it in Surgery B ward of Meir Hospital waiting for me to jump in, my file is ready and my name labels are printed. The operation isn't until Tuesday, I guess they want to make sure I'm actually going to be there, not chicken out at the last minute or anything, I bet they get that a lot.( Hello, is that the hospital? Yes, she isn't coming, she's decided she wants to have steak and chips and go for a movie instead. Sorry....)
 I expect Monday will be a mixture of boring and nerve-wracking, but will also include extra fun such as restricted food intake from lunch, a fast from midnight and probably some kind of enema, diplomatically they haven't said anything about that. I expect the first I will know about it will be when the nurse appears with it.
Since I am allergic to some kinds of plaster and was worried that I would wake up with a big rash on top of everything else, the doctor who did my intake forms kindly got me two samples of stoma base to stick on at home. I had fun scaring Oren with them, and slept with one stuck on my belly in about the right place; good practice but it really brought it home to me that I am going to have big body changes. Lucky my stomach isn't really a bikini stomach anyway, and hasn't been for years. Anyway, no allergic reactions, so that is ok.


  1. When Kathy was in for her BC op she was a little nervous - she was and is amazingly unfazed by most of her cancer experience - but actually being in hospital can be a bit scary. However, once she had the premed she was utterly - ridiculously - relaxed.

    So just focus on getting to the premed; after that you'll be home free.

  2. We'll be thinking about you on Tuesday - I'm sure it'll all go well.
    Hope your flu has gone too.

    Maybe you could take your laptop to the hospital and do some writing/playing/shopping/watching a movie etc?