Saturday, 9 March 2013

T minus 1

Ok, this is just a last quick post before I shut down my computer. I won't be blogging while I am in hospital, I think I could do it via email or with one of the girls iphones, but I'm guessing mainly swearing would be the content of my posts anyway, so maybe better radio silence.
Today, my last day as an un-cut-up person, was pretty nice. Oren went to run in the Kfar Saba 10k run and I went with him. It was a hot day and he was still a bit ill from the flu that we all had, so he was happy with the result of 52 minutes (and a few seconds), he was 40th in his category from 84. Not bad for a first competitive race, and well done to him too for losing 13 kilos in the last three months. It's amazing what a little fear can do...Oren had his colonoscopy a few days ago too, and guess what? He had a polyp. The doctor took it out and told him how lucky he was not to have waited until his 50th birthday to be checked, who knows how big and nasty it could have got by then. He needs to have another colonoscopy in 3 years, and will get the biopsy report on it in a few weeks. So, people, get your bums checked!!!! It could save your life.
After the race we went home and showered, then met Hilah and her husband Eli in Bandy, a nice restaurant near home. I had a huge entrecote steak, chips and creme brule, the best meal I could think of as my last good one for a while.
Fingers crossed, I'll be back next week some time, the hospital stay is supposed to be up to nine days but it depends how I feel I expect. I will have severe internet withdrawal symptoms.

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