Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Stitches out, that's better.

Ok so we're home with a lovely chicken shish kebab takeaway after another traipse round Meir Hospital. We did manage to get almost everything done, the only thing I really would like to see is the pathology report from the operation, the annoying thing was that it is ready but not signed by the head of pathology, so we couldn't get it. I will call tomorrow and try to get it. Anyway it doesn't matter to the treatment.
So, we started with Professor Shpitz, got my stitches out and had a nice chat. I wasn't feeling really wonderful, and he said I should be drinking more, so I started drinking water at a fairly high rate and really did feel better fairly soon. I really have to drink a lot with this ileostomy, probably two and a half liters per day is about right, maybe even more.
Then we went to see Doctor Mishaeli and got a prescription for Xeloda, one of the chemotherapy drugs I will be taking. We worked out a treatment plan starting on April 17th, I will be taking Xeloda and Oxyplatin, Xelox is the name of the protocol. I will be doing that for the next six months, what fun. The only good thing is that because of the Xeloda being tablets I can take it at home and only need to come to the hospital for IV Oxyplatin once every three weeks. Also I won't need a port, which makes me really glad, I've already got enough bits which are going to make doing yoga interesting.
Then we went to talk to the matron of the oncology ward, and to my surprise found that she was one of my teachers when I was studying nursing in the nineties! I like her so much, it makes it much nicer to think of coming to the ward and she is also a very good nurse. She arranged a session with one of the nurses on the first day to learn about Xeloda; I said I had already had Xeloda but never any guidance and she went mad at Dr Mishaeli for not sending me for it before. She also said I should have had appointments to check hand and foot syndrome. Oh dear, he is going to get smacked really hard, I think. I'm just glad I managed to do the Xeloda without dragging myself all the way to Meir for check ups as well as Beilinson for radiation, it would really have been over kill, and the nurse in Beilinson did keep an eye on side effects of Xeloda.
Meanwhile Oren went up to the surgical ward and retrieved my CT and PET scan disks, lucky we remembered before the file went down to the archives. So, a busy day, and I'm glad to be home.

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