Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The joys of sneezing...

It's such fun to have 'flu! No really, it's a wonderful illness. First of all, it means you can snuggle up in bed, after all you look sick, you sound sick and you feel sick. Second, no one says how well you look with it. Thirdly it goes away by itself. ( eventually, I hope).
Actually I would prefer not to spend any of the precious time before the operation sniffling and sneezing and feeling lousy, but better now than later; I have a feeling that sneezing with an abdominal incision is a big no no. It's put a hold on my yoga aspirations though, but I think tomorrow I will manage to go. I've been dragging myself around complaining all week, enough already! I can't hear anything in one ear, I am dying to get that 'pop' that clears it out. Everyone here has had this 'flu, Oren is the last in line and got it from me I guess; unluckily for him he has his colonoscopy tomorrow, so he has had to do all the awful preparation with drinking the nasty drink and so on while feeling terrible anyway.
Meanwhile I have done all the blood tests, x-ray and ECG for the op., and am ready for the pre-op on Sunday. My leukocytes are a bit low, hope it isn't a problem. On the bright side my cancer markers came back really low, looks like the radiotherapy really knocked the stuffing out of it. The official answer from the PET-CT came a few days ago, it is as the technician said, it looks good. The actual tumour is 2 cm now, down from 3.2 cm, and there was almost no take up of radioactive marker, which means there is very little activity in the tumour- it's nearly dead in my opinion. What's left of it will soon be dangling from the end of a pair of tweezers! Ho Ho Ho! (and for anyone in the Philippines, a bottle of Rum!) ( I miss that Rum!)

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