Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Christmas!

When I thought about Christmas this year I didn't know how I would be feeling, and whether I would have any appetite. I am very happy to report that I had a wonderful Christmas evening, absolutely stuffed myself with Yasmin's incredible cooking and got nicely tipsy on her cordon bleu mulled wine. Eggplant slices rolled round chopped walnuts, roast chicken with chestnut stuffing, beef hotpot, onion stuffed with burgul, home baked buns, mushrooms topped with something so tasty I couldn't resist them.... and a cheese platter with Camembert, strawberries dipped in chocolate and mousse filled wafers which Eli, Hilah's husband did. Wow, what a meal!
 I am now one week into treatment and still feel fine, am still working 4 hours a day except Tuesdays. Today I am being really lazy, but have to get up soon and go shopping. The bad cold I had seems to have gone, thank goodness!
Today is nurse, doctor and blood test day at the center so it will take longer than usual, but we are getting used to the trip and honing down the time it takes to get there. We are down to going out at 4.20 in order to arrive before 6.00pm, which is not bad seeing as it is over 50km to Beilinson. On usual days it takes exactly 5 minutes to do the treatment, of which four minutes is just getting my gown on and getting into the right position. I already know exactly how the machine will do it, 10 seconds from above, 15 seconds from the right side and 15 seconds from the left side. It amazes me that something so quick and completely painless can be so important.
Happy Christmas to everyone, cheers!

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