Friday, 7 December 2012

Radiation Here I Come!!!

Beilinson Hospital has called, much sooner than I expected, and on Sunday we go for the first appointment. This will be to measure me, draw dots to guide the beam of x-rays and all kinds of administrative things. I am so glad not to have to wait longer and just hope this means the actual treatment will start the next day. I guess it will. I never thought I would feel happy to start radio and chemotherapy, but I am.
The technician who called gave us the option of choosing which hour we want, and I chose 6pm. This is really a good time because it means that I don't have to get up early if I don't feel good, there are less traffic jams and I can get things done in the morning, when I am likely to feel more energetic. I may even carry on working, depending on how I feel, although I am entitled to a temporary disability pension. We'll see.
So the next job is to get the clippers out, I guess. Or I could have fun pulling clumps of hair out while in line at the supermarket. I could complain loudly about the length of the line at the same time...

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