Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The First Day

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me; two doses of chemo and a big dose of radiotherapy! (Well, I know it's not the first day of Christmas but it does nearly rhyme, give me a break.)
So... It feels a bit of an anticlimax. I've been waiting for so long to start treatment; I thought I would feel some change in my body immediately. All I feel is a certain amount of release from tension, no nausea or anything. I know this is usual, but I thought I would feel something, maybe just a tingling or something.
The radiotherapy unit is becoming more familiar to me, and I now have my own gown which I will use for all the treatments. I wait in the waiting area until my number is called, go into the changing room and find my gown, get changed and go to my 'accelerator'. The technicians there help me to get into position, I lie there for a few minutes and the machine does its job. Then I go out, get dressed and go either to the nurse, doctor or straight home, depending on what is written on my appointment card for that day. Today was nurse day, I got blood taken and got weighed; I have gained 1.7 kilos in the last month (told you I was stuffing my face, didn't I).
 I think evening is a good time to do the radiotherapy, it means I don't waste the best part of the day- being winter it is dark by 4.30 or so anyway. Also the mall across from the hospital is open when I come out, ah ha!
I started the chemotherapy this morning, also a big let down. No immediate projectile vomiting, reams of hair strewn about or anything. I hope this stuff is strong enough. Lucky they don't let you mix your own, I'd make it super strength and poison myself to death probably.


  1. You are the only person I know to be actually disappointed they didn't projectile vomit while their hair fell out. xx

  2. Yes, and I expect I will rue the day I said that!