Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sheva has a new home.

Nothing earth shattering has been happening here, just taking the pills, going to radiotherapy sessions, feeling fine. The good news is that Sheva has found a new home. Sheva is our beautiful cross breed German Shepherd, she traveled with us all the way from Israel and has been a faithful companion and guard dog. When we came to Israel, thinking we would be back soon, we left her with a good family, but meanwhile they have left Puerto Princesa and Sheva has had to stay with their housekeeper. She has been well looked after, but this couldn't be a permanent solution. We have been very very lucky in that we know quite a few of the expat community in Puerto, and have managed to find her a really good home with Jack, an expat from Australia who loves dogs. He has sent us some photos of Sheva looking relieved that she won't have to improve her typing skills! He was scandalized that she has been fed dry food only; we didn't have the courage to tell him that we always fed her dry food too. No wonder she looks happy!


  1. Happy New Year!

    Looks like Sheva has landed on her feet - you must be relieved.

    I'm guessing this is a 'semi-permanent' solution - when you do eventually get back to the boat, I'll guess she'll resume her journey with you?

    1. I think she will probably be staying with her new owner; she isn't young and it's just not fair to her to mess her about so much, she deserves a good, stable home, and she will appreciate not having to pee on the foredeck every time we go sailing !