Thursday, 30 May 2013

Third time, getting used to it...

Yes, it's those icky days again. This time seems a bit less nasty than last time, no leg cramps, less flashes of headache and chills and meanwhile I still have an appetite although I know from the last times that the nausea will probably start tomorrow. One of the worst side effects is because of the steroids I get; my mood swings between anger, depression and jitteryness, and I can only sleep on the night after treatment with half a Lorivan ( like Valium). Still, I am getting used to this cycle of treatment and it makes it less awful knowing that in a few days the worst will be behind me and I will start feeling good again. Also this time the nurse got a vein first try, this makes such a difference! I wonder whether the strength of the chemo is really always identical, the side effects are so different each time.
I have to say that yoga really helps me at this time in my life; I get to the lesson feeling tired, a bit depressed and unhealthy and leave feeling relaxed, happy and energized, although a little tired sometimes too, it is very intensive vinyasa yoga. I am so lucky to have found the perfect class and teacher for me- for anyone in Pardes Hanna who is reading this, it is Hilah's class at Hakika sport centre.
Meanwhile the goat kids are growing at a tremendous rate and skip and race round the little meadow behind the house while Iza, their mother looks on nervously; she would run round after them if I didn't tie her on a long rope. Having kids running round is one thing, but Iza is a bit too big for comfort! We started milking her seriously yesterday, we separate the kids at night so they can't suckle and milk her in the morning. We got more than two litres of creamy, rich milk and made wonderful yoghurt from it.
Everything else here is fine, the weather is getting hot and I hope soon to get to the beach. Now that will be an experience to write about, swimming with a stoma! I'll wait until the side effects of the IV wear off though, so probably not this week.

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