Friday, 10 May 2013

Happy Blechday...

Happy blechday to me, happy blechday to me...
I'm not saying anything else about side effects this time, suffice to say that I will be happy to hit Monday, by which time I hope I will be feeling better. It's just blech, that's all I have to say. Oh well, two down, six to go. This time they only stuck me twice, oh happiness.
Why is cancer such an awkward disease? People generally have no idea how to talk to someone with cancer, and often come out with statements that don't help, or in the worst cases even cause me to get pretty annoyed. Examples;
" You will definitely beat it, no doubt at all!" No, I have about 60% chance of 'beating it', but does it make you uncomfortable to think about that? Well, sorry.
" It's a question of will power, you can beat any illness if you want to enough!" Oh, so this is my fault for not wanting to get better enough, huh?
"Should you be eating that? It's pretty unhealthy, shouldn't you be eating more salad?" Well, let's see, I've lost five kilos since March, do you think salad is going to work for me? Really?
And I'm not even going to deign to talk about the ' faith and belief' crowd, most of whom have realized that getting too close to me is not going to be good for their own health.
Good, I feel a lot better now, don't know if it is the nausea pill or the satisfying rant.
It isn't all black, really, don't take me too seriously. On the positive side, I seem finally really to be getting the hang of getting a good seal on my ileostomy wafer, and it's itching much less, the skin is getting better and it has stuck for three days and counting, a record so far. The weather is pretty good too, and my hands are suffering less from cold sensitivity this round. Iza still hasn't given birth, but she is so heavy, she didn't want to get out of her nice soft straw bed this morning. I know how she feels, actually.

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