Thursday, 2 May 2013

At my nadir..

Bet you don't know what a nadir is, huh? Nor did I, until now. The nadir in chemotherapy is when the lowest level of blood counts occurs in the cycle, and it depends on which drugs are used and on the concentration. On my treatment, today is the nadir for red blood cells, meaning I am temporarily anemic, and god do I feel anemic! I hardly managed to drag myself to yoga this morning, then sweated and puffed through the lesson; I didn't know what was wrong until I came home and did some research, which is why I now know the word nadir. The good news is that in another day or two my body will be swinging upwards again- I am into the week without pills, which is nice.
Otherwise all is fine, the hand tingling has completely gone and I don't have any nausea or anything .I have lost a kilo and a half, so I can eat whatever I want whenever I want, a novel experience for me. Looking at the list of common side effects of chemo made me realize that I actually have an advantage; quite a lot of the symptoms sound just like menopause, of which delightful experience I have already been partaking for at least the last two years. Insomnia, flushing, irritation, loss of libido, headaches and so on hold no special terror for me, in fact it can only get better since radiotherapy and chemo kill off the last remnants of ovaries. Actually I DO feel less menopausey! See, it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good! Now if I could just find a chemo drug that dyes your hair a kind of dark copper.....

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