Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Date for the Operation!

We went to see Prof. Shpitz today. He looked at the chest CT, which we are still waiting for the interpretation of ( I did it about 8 days ago) and said it looks ok to him, no metastases. That was good to know! He did a physical exam and says the tumour feels more mobile, which is good, and may have shrunk a bit, it is hard to know from touch alone. I wanted to hear that it had gone altogether, but he says that only happens in 10% of cases. Then the important bit; the operation will be on the 12th of March, exactly six weeks after the end of radiotherapy. I go into hospital on the 11th for pre-op. He will do the operation himself, something which I am very glad to hear.
We had a good day; after seeing Prof Shpitz we went to make an appointment with the oncologist for two weeks time, talked to the secretary of Surgery B ward and got all the paperwork sorted, got a list of blood tests and so on, got Beilinson to let me come early for radiotherapy today, went to buy sneakers for us both, had lunch in the middle and came home satisfied. I will need a PET CT before the operation and a gynecological exam and a chest x-ray and an ECG, all ordered through my GP, so I'll be tromping round all the medical facilities of central Israel for the foreseeable future! At least I only have one more week of radiotherapy to go!
I also am happy to say that my taint (thanks for the word, Eddie!) is feeling better. 
That's all my news!

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