Saturday, 2 February 2013

I feel...

BETTER! Now the radiotherapy and chemo is over (for now...) and I have had a week free, I feel good. Really good. My bum is getting gradually better, according to touch it still feels a bit like the grand canyon but it doesn't hurt too much any more. I think at least some of the good feeling is from not having to sit for three hours in the car to and from Beilinson, and now I have time to cook healthy food, do my jigsaw puzzle ( 1500 pieces, a world map from the 1600's, I think, there is no date on it) read and do yoga.
Today I started walking again. I used to walk a few kilometers every day, but gradually stopped during the last few weeks. It has been rainy and cold and I just felt tired and icky, but today was a lovely spring day, fresh and sunny after yesterdays torrential rain. I got Oren in tow and set off round the old peoples home over the road, there is a good path through the fields. We did a big circle round, back to the road and ended up ( somehow, ha ha) in the shopping centre, where I got some new sweat pants, then home happily. Oren got some running shorts, he has managed to lose 7 kilos and is running every day.
I have made a decision; I shall not be dying from this cancer, or any other cancer ( just to be clear about it).

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