Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New Keyboard!

Today I got the new keyboard that my parents sent from England; they bought it on ebay and it cost, with postage, 1/5 of the cost here! I'm writing on it now,it's so good to have my own laptop working again. I also got a lovely gift of face cream from Yasmin, my eldest daughter. Wow, smoooooth!
This morning I went to get all my paperwork from the gastroenterologist, ready for tomorrow. I think she was expecting me to be more depressed or upset or something. I guess sometimes people do get that way. I just don't feel that bad, I can't be bothered to get upset. It's just something to get through, and one way or the other I will, anyway. There isn't any choice, it's not as though if I get upset and complain about it anything will change, so what's the point?
 I'm really glad I'm an atheist, it saves me going through all that stuff about ' Why me? ' and ' What is God trying to tell me?' or whatever. It's just statistics, folks, that's all. Also I'm quite enjoying embarrassing people by using the C word out loud, and talking about stomas.

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  1. What happened to your old keyboard, or shouldn't I ask? And how do you type in Hebrew on a qwerty keyboard?

    Also, regardless of your condition, you should never use the C word. Unless by C word you mean cancer, which is still bad, but a lot better than the other word.