Monday, 26 November 2012

My Fiftieth Birthday Present

On the day of my fiftieth birthday I went for a colonoscopy. This may seem strange, but when you get an appointment you go (or wait another month, ha ha.) I had had some bleeding, and didn't think it was piles. As I groggily tried to remember where I was after being totally knocked out with Dormicum, the doctor pulled my partner into the recovery room and told us I was right. This afternoon, after Hillel Yafe hospital faffed around with the biopsy for 12 days, I was finally diagnosed  with Rectal Cancer. I still don't really know what stage it is, although it seems to be in one of the sub divisions of stage 3. The CT scan shows one lymph gland enlarged and a 3.2cm tumour in the mid rectum. I'm starting this blog so that I can keep family and friends updated easily, and to keep a record of this process, which I guess isn't going to be a short affair.


  1. Well... here at Goa beach, we read this blog and we trust in u to defeat this Sartan and cook it and make a gurme meal.. yesterday we were kayaking and saw some big dolfines that say hello, see u soon, and tonight I am having, in one of the beach restaurant, not a sartan, but a small hummer head shark, and tell u later how it was.

    1. Ha ha, yes, I will! ( For all non Hebrew speakers, sartan in Hebrew is both cancer and crab, like the horoscope sign.)