Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hooray, yet another enema.

On Thursday morning I go for a rectal ultrasound, whoopee! Sounds like fun, and the best part is having to have an enema at 5.30 in the morning, brave the rush hour traffic all the way to Kfar Saba and then have an interesting encounter with a large 'sensor'. With any luck the tumour will see a big stick coming at it and run for its life.
 But seriously, I really can't complain about the care Kupat Holim is taking of me, so far at least. I have a gastroenterologist who treats me as an intelligent person, I have been sent promptly for all the tests and can view my medical file any time I want on line. I have been given a recommendation for a surgeon, and will probably be having surgery pretty soon now. That's a bit scary ( or a lot, actually), and the hardest thing is that it is so sudden. A month ago I was healthy, as far as I knew, and not just heathy, fit, strong and feeling good. Now I'm waiting to be dissected.
 At least I'll be asleep, so it's not like having a root canal or something, you don't have to actually be there if you see what I mean. You just wake up and go " Oh my gaaaawd, what have they DONE to me!!!" I expect you can have icecream though....or maybe not, oh dear I'm starting to worry now...

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