Thursday, 12 December 2013

Puerto Princesa, yacht therapy.

We've been here for three weeks, ( for those of you who don't follow my other blog,, here is Puerto Princesa, Palawan, where our yacht, Chasamba, has been sitting on a mooring waiting for us for the last fifteen months) and really all we have done is work. I know most people think that living on a yacht is like one long holiday, having cocktails on the deck and watching the sun go down after another glorious day of sunbathing and swimming.... Well, our boat isn't quite like that. After fifteen months of not being lived in and cared for, Chasamba has some issues. Rust, mostly, and Oren is hard at work chipping and sanding, treating with rust inhibitor and primer. Me? I did help for a while, but I'm fed up with it, and have decided to nurse a cold and just clear up after him; a big enough job anyway. The engine doesn't work yet, although we have hope that it will, eventually. The best thing is that I have finally got round to throwing out loads of old junk and making things a bit more comfortable. The last things to go so far have been two old duvets, one a double! which we have dragged with us for the last five years without using once. They take up so much space too!
It may all sound a bit daunting after the year we have had, but really this is the best therapy there is. Getting back to real life, doing things that really need doing, saving our boat. It's good, even if it is hard work. Anyway, next week we will take a bus up to El Nido, on the northern tip of Palawan, and have a real holiday, swimming, sunbathing and having cocktails! This is assuming the weather forecast shows no typhoons coming, of course. We have another month here, it looks as though it is all going to fly by us.

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