Monday, 18 November 2013

Leaving soon, so excited....

Tomorrow at this time we will be in Jordan, hopefully at the airport and waiting for our flight. It's a long journey; we leave Pardes Hanna at 7.00 am when Boaz, one of Oren's brothers, is kindly driving us to Meggido junction. Thanks Boaz! Then we get on a special bus which takes us all the way to Amman; we bought an inclusive ticket from Fly East, the cheapest way to fly to the east from Israel, and it is quite convenient too. If we had flown from Ben Gurion airport in Israel it would cost much much more, I don't understand why. So then we wait a few hours for our flight, which goes to Abu Dhabi. In Abu Dhabi we wait six hours in the airport, we aren't allowed into Abu Dhabi because we are Israelis, but I don't think I would want to go out anyway, it's the middle of the night. Then we get on the next flight, which goes to Manila. We get to Manila on the afternoon of the day after we set out, and wait three hours there for the final connecting flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa. In Puerto we have a hotel reservation for the night, and the next day, which is Thursday, we will finally get to see Chasamba. It's a marathon.
We have heard from friends and from the owner of the yacht club that Chasamba is fine, still floating and quite dry. Whatever we find, as long as she is floating things will be ok. We know how to renovate and clean, and it will be a labour of love, helped along by good cold Philippine beer (at least for Oren) and plenty of mud crabs, pork baby ribs and shrimps, sweet orange mangoes and coconut curry.... You can tell I'm getting excited already!
Here is the link to, where I will post all our sailing related news, just click on the Chasamba.

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