Friday, 19 April 2013

Feel icky.

Yes. Side effects, ugh. No appetite, pins and needles in my hands every time they get cold, and lots and lots of watery output from my ileostomy. And a kind of just shitty feeling. I know I should have got up and gone for a bracing walk, but the weather isn't co-operating at the moment; this is the weirdest year I have seen in Israel so far, hard rain and COLD! In the middle of April! And cold is not too good for me at the moment. I did try, I got up and walked outside for a bit with a friend who came by, but when the sky clouded over and rain started pelting down, my hands started going numb and even the end of my nose started to go, I chickened out and ran back to bed. None too soon, I couldn't even get my shoes undone because my fingers were completely paralyzed. Luckily after a few minutes in the warm they woke up, but I had learned my lesson- I'm still in bed and am staying here until it gets nicer outside. Hope we aren't headed for a mini ice age.

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