Saturday, 13 April 2013

Can't eat another meal!!!!

So, my parents have been here all week, today is the last day of their visit, and I am full. Really, really full. Of kebabs and grilled fish and Italian food and calamari and gourmet hamburger and.....
I have been fattened like a lamb ( well, more mutton in my case, I suppose) and am just hoping to avoid the spit now! My parents, who look as well as ever, are flying out in the evening, but that isn't the end of the celebrations; on Monday night Independence Day starts, with fireworks, music and dancing and huge barbecues and picnics on Tuesday. We will have an 'open barbecue' which means that whoever wants to can bring their meat and grill it on our grill, salads and pita bread will be plentiful. It is good timing- on Wednesday I start chemo again, with an infusion of Oxaliplatin and pills of Xeloda. Fingers crossed.
Stomaland is getting better, the new bases and some rings to put round it arrived and are helping, I hope; for the first time I have gone three days without changing bases. I hope my skin will look better when I do change, it certainly itches less. I have become rather daring- I ate an olive yesterday! Actually I didn't mean to, I thought I would just suck it a bit, but it was so tasty I couldn't resist it, started chewing a bit, and just couldn't stop. I did chew well, and I guess it must have been ok. I accidentally ate some pine nuts a few days ago, they were hidden in sauce and they came out whole! Lucky? Or can I start to relax a bit about blockages? I guess this must be a good stoma, I know some people aren't able to eat these things at all. One interesting thing is that I seem not to be gaining weight with all I am eating; I wonder if I am absorbing all the nutrients? Wow, it may be worth keeping the stoma for ever!

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