Sunday, 2 March 2014

The three week mark...

Three weeks post reversal, and things are still up and down. I had a few really good days with very few bowel movements and actual TURDS, something I haven't experienced for more than a year. But  unfortunately it didn't last; I don't know what I ate or whether it had nothing to do with food, but I went back to what I can only describe as sludge. Sludge tends to be hard to control and also enjoys announcing itself just at unfortunate moments....
Then I think I made a mistake- Metamucil is supposed to help reduce diarrhea and form stools, so if you have sludge it makes sense to up the dosage, sound reasonable? NO. This is a bad idea. Remember this post, anyone who is on the same course as me, you will save a lot of toilet time. When you increase the amount of soluble fiber you are taking, you may find (as I did) that you suddenly get a lot of gas. And I mean A LOT of gas. Enough gas to fill a zeppelin. I'm just assuming, I didn't actually fill a zeppelin or anything, but believe me, I was scared to light a match indoors. And this is combined with aforementioned sludge. I think you get the idea. 'Wet fart' doesn't even scratch the surface, and this is happening six to ten times AN HOUR!!!!
I think on one hand the gas is a good sign; it means my intestinal flora have well and truly recovered from the beating they have had over the last year. It may not be a coincidence that I had some probiotic yogurt this morning too, maybe my bacteria are having a celebration. On the other hand, it's awful, and I'm back to the  sore bum stage again. I have found out that water is the best antidote to the burning- washing really well after each mini-hiroshima helps a lot. Now my stomach seems to be calming down, and I think I'll try a day or so without Metamucil to see what happens.
On the positive side, I feel generally quite a lot better, no more fevers and the scar looks pretty good. So, it's like two steps forward one step back. That's ok, it could be one step forward two back, I'm not complaining.


  1. I have been silently following your blog for some time now but after reading today, I just had to comment! My hubby has Crohns and while it can't be compared to your journey, the gas certainly can!! You had me in stitches reading your descriptions as they all apply to hubby!
    He is fifty one and as young as that is, can't go anywhere without mens adult diapers! The gaseous explosions became a lot worse after two bowel resections and we have to see the humour or we'd get horribly depressed! Him especially!
    I hope you can at least get out sometimes.
    I used to have a blog and my blog name was Amelia and that's what I still use to comment but my name is Jenny.
    I wish you the best.

    1. Thanks for commenting Jenny, it's nice to know that someone's out there! I'm glad to brighten your day too, lol.

  2. UGH......I'm so scared. ugh......I am so not looking forward to this. so glad you're out there, paving the way.... brave pirate girl that you are!