Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Countdown to being stomaless....

So.... I was supposed to be stomaless by now, the operation being planned for Monday. But on Thursday I got a phone call from the hospital to say that they want to change the plan- instead of being in hospital for a day before the operation and a few more after, they want to do it as an out-patient procedure, and change the day to Thursday. I was actually really glad; the worst part of the whole thing is the hospital stay, and I will feel much better at home. It isn't far to the hospital, so if I have any urgent problem I can be there quite quickly.
I keep looking at my stoma in the shower and wondering what it will be like to be without it. I'm so used to it, I actually feel as though something is going to be taken away from me. How will I manage without it? This is a real concern, since I have only a small amount of rectum left. Things might get really wild for a while, I'm envisioning mad dashes to the loo, awful accidents in train stations, hours spent wondering whether I will be able to leave the rest room.... I hope it won't be as bad as that, but who knows?
The CT I did nearly two weeks ago is still not ready, I wish I had asked for it urgently. I'm fed up of waiting and although I try not to think about it I find myself checking my email ten times a day to see if it is in yet.
So this is a 'before' post. Next time I update I hope I will be after both these little ant hills that are looming like mountains!

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  1. thinking about you Lesley. Wondering how you are doing. xoxo