Thursday, 11 July 2013

Here we go again....

Number five. Not too bad, just pins and needles, yukky feeling when I drink anything cool, no appetite ( actually a plus as I did gain a bit during the famous 'good weeks') general tiredness. I've learned how to mess about, do nothing and not feel guilty, since if I do try to do too much on these days I just get nasty and weepy, and no-one, least of all me, needs that. So doing nothing is a good thing. I can sweetly greet Oren when he comes home from working twelve hours and say " Oh, I'm so glad you're home, I'm dying for a cup of tea." This is a big improvement from, " Where have you been, I'm exhausted, I did the laundry, made dinner, went shopping, why do I have to do everything, wa wa wa..." ! And Oren being so sweet, he really doesn't mind making me a cup of tea, cooking something nice for dinner, clearing up at least a bit of the mess I've made during the day. I really am very lucky, and I do appreciate that.
I did go to yoga, and even stopped on the way back to get stuff for Oren's muesli, which he mixes himself.He uses an incredible amount of oatmeal, we are getting to the point that we could get deliveries straight from the oatmeal lorry! I should eat it too, it is good for my stoma output, but I'm not really keen on it. In fact I find I am drawn exactly to the foods which are the least recommended, salads, oily food, sushi, burekas, anything which I know I will spend the next few hours emptying tons of liquid output after. I don't really care though, I am not going to survive on potato, rice and oatmeal for the next few months. I just drink more, probably four to five litres a day, and keep my salt intake high. Potato crisps are one recommended food that I do eat!

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  1. I'm making so many notes :)

    what to expect :
    what to avoid:
    what to eat:

    So glad you're out there Pirate Girl!