Saturday, 8 June 2013

Out with the goats, in with a Green Monkey!

There is a traditional Israeli story about a man who goes to his rabbi and says " Rabbi, please, you have to help me, my wife and I and our five children and my parents and her parents, we all live in a tiny one room house, I think I'm going crazy. What can I do to improve this situation?" The rabbi smiles and says, " That's easy. Buy a goat and take it home, let it live in your house with you for a month and come back to see me." The man really thinks this rabbi has gone mad, but being a religious man he has no choice but to do what the rabbi said, so he gets a goat on the way home. We'll gloss over the terrible argument he has with his wife, the delighted reactions of the kids and the surprised expression of the goat, and fast forward a month. He drags himself into the rabbi's office ( or whatever rabbi's have, maybe it isn't an office) and falls on the floor crying. " I can't stand another minute of this," he screams. The rabbi smiles and says, " Now take the goat to market and sell it." The man whoops for joy and rushes off to get the goat. When he gets home from the market he goes into his house and is amazed at how much space there now is...
Suffice to say that Pziza, Iza and her kids are now frolicking happily in the meadow belonging to the boarding school that Oren's brother works at, and I feel that there is so much space in my life...
And I have met a Green Monkey! Green Monkey, aka Shannon E. Kennedy, is a wonderfully creative and sometimes painfully honest blogger who has been through having breast cancer and now has rectal cancer. 'Follow me, I have no idea where I'm going', is her motto, I love it! Here is a link to her blog, and it's on the blog roll too. Green Monkey Tales
I started this blog for two reasons. One was to keep friends and family updated, so I didn't have to worry about forgetting someone or whatever. The other reason was that when I was first diagnosed I looked for advice, support or just people with similar experiences to know what it was really going to be like, and it turns out that there are very few of us 'wrecked tail cancer' ( love that!) bloggers out there. Now I am part of the way through the treatment, I have had the pre-adjuvant therapy, the operation and some of the adjuvant chemo and I do have things that I have learned, I can say to people just starting this, " Keep your head up, it's not as bad as it sounds, you can do this!"
 I don't know how many people like me read this blog, I know there must be a certain percentage of readers who are going through this too but Green Monkey is the first to make contact with me, and it makes me feel that it is so worthwhile blogging. Honestly, sometimes I was wondering whether I was talking to myself! ( Which isn't too bad anyway, sometimes just writing is good therapy anyway). So, I'm really happy this week. Also because I'm into the time when I feel good again after the IV, and I have another eleven precious days of good feeling time. And I have adopted a dog, she is lovely and we went to the beach with her today and had fun, but I'll write about that next time.


  1. Pirate Girl! I toasted to you a LOT this weekend. I'm glad this is a two way street for us - both of us getting something good out of something bad. It makes me smile! As for the "wrecked tail cancer" I know I'll grow from the experience but I'm not into it far enough yet to spin it upward. But YOU help me more than words can express. And what you instantly did was made me stop feeling sorry for myself. Thank you :)

    I started my blog because I knew I needed to write more if I was going to develop my voice as a writer. The first thing I shared publicly that I wrote, was my eulogy to my son, at his funeral. I seem to write about bad things and funny things, and not much in between. I'm told my bad things happened to me stories are my best. Or maybe those are just people who like to wallow in unhappiness.

    It's a gray morning here and I'm about to jump into my day. I will be carrying you with me. Much Love and Laughter, MonkeyME

  2. This is part of the reason why I have my hopes that I can connect with others who have the same rare disease as I do. I look forward to reading more and I also look forward to reading more about the puppy! :)